M.D. Tuncay Taş

M.D.Tuncay Taş

Birth of date / Birth of place: 28 July 1980, Malatya

Doctor Resume

Education :
​​​​Medical Education

Istanbul University ,School of Medicine

Graduate Medical Education

İstanbul Taksim Training and Research Hospital


Urological Oncology, Laparoscopic Urology, Bladder cancer, kidney problems, penile prosthesis surgery and other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Membership of Scientific Organizations 

  • Turkish Association of Urology
  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Association of Endourology
  • European Association of Urology


Discovery of beneficial model, TÜBİTAK-Patent, TBF-1 Destek, Turkey's discovery: Laparoscopic MRI (virtual reality) Training Simulator


Thesis Supervisor: Osman Ceylan, M.D., Urology Clinic, Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul and Doğu Teber, M.D., German Urology Clinic, University of Heilderberg
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