Regenerative Medicine (Regen.İC)

Regenerative Medicine (Regen.İC) is the regenerative medicine department for Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital. Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology are the main departments to use cellular therapies.

Autologous  Stem Cell Isolation

The use of regenerative cells obtained from the patient herself has cosmetic and reconstructive applications as well. This allows the renewal of the skin and other regions that show signs of ageing. This treatment is administered in three stages. First, fatty tissue is extracted by liposuction or biopsy methods. The regenerative cells obtained are refined and concentrated by various methods. The regenerative cells are then injected into the appropriate area according to the patient’s requirements, either by themselves or in the form of a natural cell coctail.

Reconstructive Treatment of Scars and Skin Injuries

Regenerative cells obtained from the patient him/herself can be used to treat scars and injuries on the skin, reducing allergy risks. The treatment restores the affected region’s previous natural structure and appearance.

Aesthetic Treatment  Body Filling and Shaping (Anti-Aging)

Fillings using non-natural products such as implants are subject to a reabsorption rate of up to 70%. Filling that uses regenerative cells from the patient’s own body has a far better appearance than fillings that use artificial means. Rather than having to have continuous repeat operations, a one-time injection is sufficient.


Biologic / Stem Cell Orthopedic Treatments

  • Cartilage problems
  • Tendon injuries and tendinitis / tendinosis problems
  • Joint degeneration
  • Problems of the spine
  • Sports injuries, particularly soft tissue problems