In Pediatrics Department of Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital, where all diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures are carried out for diseases of childhood – a period of life ranging from neonatal age to adolescence (10-18 years), services are rendered in five units:

  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Emergency unit,
  • Inpatient Clinic,
  • Newborn Room,
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,

The Clinic, always supporting the children and families with its emergency unit, attaches the utmost importance to health of children in all branches ranging from Pediatric Urology to Pediatric Orthopedics.

Healthcare services are available round the clock in our emergency unit. Patients are re-assessed and consulted in pediatrics outpatient clinic, if required. Any and all examinations and consultations are done for patients, who require hospitalization.

Treatment for inpatients is maintained by pediatrician in cooperation with the family in our inpatient service. All necessary measures are taken for comfort and safety of our patients.

Hospital infections are very strongly minimized thanks to efficient control methods.

Newborn Room,

Our hospital meets all requirements of being a baby-friendly hospital. A pediatrician is present in all deliveries at our hospital and all necessary interventions are carried out, if required. The baby is immediately assessed by pediatrician immediately after the birth. Pediatrician, pediatric nurses and other team members work to ensure good adaptation between the mother and the baby as well as their comfort and safety. They cooperate with families in all processes related to breastfeeding, baby care and supervision. All families are educated on requires issues and are informed about home care process.

Blood glucose and jaundice-related parameters are routinely tested. Each baby undergoes metabolic screening (Heel Blood Test). Hearing screening is performed for all babies. Other examinations are also done and educational programs are carried out, if required.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Each delivery is also supervised by a pediatrician and a pediatric nurse and the first examination is made immediately after the birth. Babies are observed in Newborn Room for a while, if no intervention is required, and next, they are transferred to the room of mother, where close follow-up continues. For conditions that require intervention, babies are immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where cutting edge devices are used for necessary treatments and monitoring. They are consulted with Neonatologist, if required.

A teamwork approach is adopted to provide all children, who are born in our hospital or present to our hospital irrespective of their age, with any and all quality services. In the Clinic, where multidisciplinary approach is adopted, babies, who are started to be followed-up even at intrauterine life, are supervised for postnatal mental and motor development, nutrition and immunization, along with infectious diseases and preventive medicine programs.

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital adopts the principle of lifelong health for children with Check-up programs specifically designed for girls and boys. For this purpose, it closely follows and utilizes modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods for health of children – our future – with expert physician staff and cutting-edge equipment.