In Ophthalmology Clinic of Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital - one of the reference centers in its field of operation-, all types of ophthalmologic operations, including but not limited to LASIK for vision disorders in infants and adults, cataract, strabismus, glaucoma, retina and oculoplasty as well as primarily laser treatments, are performed successfully by an experienced staff utilizing cutting edge technology.

Leader in Laser Therapies :
All types of laser therapies are successfully performed in Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital.

Today, LASIK is the most common and preferred method to correct refractive errors. After laser therapy, myopia between -6 to 12 diopters is decreased to almost “0” by 95 percent while myopia up to -6 diopters is decreased to almost “0” by 97 percent, and thus, patients are enabled to get rid of eyeglasses or contact lenses. No recurrence is observed, since outcome of the treatment is permanent. All types of astigmatisms can be treated with laser therapy methods. Every 95 patients with hyperopia up to +7D out of 100 patients do not need eyeglasses (<+1D) following laser therapy.

Moreover, novel “intra ocular lenses” are used in the clinic thanks to a very recent technique, that corrects myopia, without impairing near vision, in patients with myopia up to -25D and astigmatism up to 7D and also patients aged >40 years with high myopia.

Supracor for Age Related Far Sightedness :
Presbyopia is an age-related far sightedness, generally developing after the age of 40 years. Supracor is a procedure of correcting presbyopia, in other words, age related impaired near acuity. Cornea is gently re-shaped by treating outer surface of eye with Excimer Laser during this procedure. Supracor is a safe, effective and novel method that corrects both distance and near acuities in a single session without impairing the far sight. Aim of Supracor is to improve near acuity to read newspapers and letters on computers, books, and mobile phones in our daily lives, even the smallest wordings and numbers on watches or drug package inserts without eyeglasses.

A Novel Alleviative Laser Technique Vitreolysis :
Eye floaters may extremely decrease quality of life in some people. Eye floaters usually develop after a certain age, and they float on visual axis more heavily, resulting with impaired visual acuity, although this condition is experienced by all patients to some extent. They can cause extreme discomfort and decrease visual acuity.

Leading to severe discomfort, those eye floaters can be vaporized in intra-ocular fluid, also known as “Vitreus”, and eliminated thanks to advances in laser technology. Laser Vitreolysis method can be performed at outpatient settings in Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital, and success rate is very high. Floaters may worsen in some cases, especially postoperative period of cataract surgeries. Vitreolysis is a type of surgery that is especially performed to eliminate this problem. However, if it causes a serious decrease in quality of life in people who are naïve to cataract surgery or if it leads to a psychological problem, this laser method is used.

Cataract :
Multifocal intraocular lens is implanted in 90 percent of the people, who present to Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic with complaint of cataract. This rate is a great success for both Europe and Turkey, because such lenses require particular experience in a field of specialty. Best lenses of the world are used in the clinic, along with a team of experts and equipment.

A Substantial Novelty in Cataract Surgery: Drop-free Cataract Surgery

The lens, located just behind the colored part of the eye, provides a clear vision by focusing lights received by the eye on a layer of nerve. This lens should be clear in order to focus this light on the layer of nerve. Cataract implies a condition, which the clear lens is blurred due a reason whatsoever. Cataract is not a problem of advanced age any more, as it was before. It can be seen in half of the people at age range of 50 to 59 years.

Ophthalmology Clinic of Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital uses an innovation in cataract surgeries, which are gradually getting more comfortable as technology advances. Thanks to this method, patients no more need many drops, which are used for a month in postoperative period of cataract surgery. When Transzonular Intravitreal Injection, colloquially known as Dropless Cataract Surgery , is used, a mixture of long-acting antibiotic and cortisone is intraoperatively injected into eye, and patients can see more comfortably in the next day after surgery than before, even not using a drop. That method diminishes risk of infection and retinal edema in comparison with patients who use drops. It remarkably simplifies postoperative treatment procedures and also decreases likely side effects of eye drops.

Corneal Transplantation (Keratoplasty)

Beside all these Keratoplasy (Corneal Trasnplantation) performs at Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital with one fo the most experienced surgeon staff all around the World , performed over 2.500 surgeries.

Corneal eye disease is the fourth most common cause of blindness and affects more than 10 million people worldwide.