Our Neurosurgery department allows surgical treatment for diseases of brain and spinal cord in infants, children and adults by an experienced team and modern infrastructure. 

Our primary principal is to “establish the final diagnosis” when approaching diseases of brain, spinal cord and spine . Our experienced Orthopedics, Neuroradiology, Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Departments work in coordination with the “Patient Assessment Council”.

Our Operation Theaters: For high success in brain, spine, peripheral nerve and spinal cord operations, following assistive modalities are introperatively used:

  • Neuronavigation (identifying and mapping coordinates of target tissue three dimensionally) Neuromonitoring (used for monitoring functions of brain and nerve tissue during operation and minimizing damage in healthy tissues.
  • Neurostimulation (a device for identifying tissues that appear similar to nerves.)
  • Fluoroscopy (obtains detailed information especially about bone structure to help surgical team verify the correct level and location).


With advanced operating microscope:
We have the comfort of distinguishing healthy brain tissue from tumor with Fluorescein Tumor Staining Technique. Moreover, we have access to cutting edge surgical support technology such as, ultrasonic tumor aspirator (CUSA) for removing tumors from brain and spinal cord tissue while minimizing vascular damage risk, High Speed Drill that conserves soft tissue in spinal and cranial surgery,and  radiofrequency ablator to break down the target tissue at molecular level.
Primary operations carried out in the department are as follows;