Addressing women’s health from a holistic view, Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital evaluates medical problems, which develop in various periods of women’s life, such as adolescence, pre- and post- menopausal periods and menopause, and gynecological cancers in the light of scientific data and diagnostic and therapeutic services are rendered with a state-of-art infrastructure.

Gynecologic Endoscopy Unit :

Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy operations are performed by experienced physicians with high technology equipment.

Etiologies of infertility, such as polyp, intra-uterine adhesion and myoma, are eliminated with hysteroscopic surgeries – a method to visualize intrauterine cavity with a camera – at this unit, where the aim is to facilitate and accelerate postoperative recovery with no cosmetic problem.

Menopause Unit :

Our physician order tests to screen osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and gynecological cancer risks in women who are at menopausal period – a natural process that occupies a substantial part of life in women. Moreover, a multidisciplinary approach is adopted to enable women to be sexually active and healthy in this period.

Urogynecology Unit :

While proper medical and surgical treatments are available for urinary incontinence and prolapsed pelvic organs, colonoscopic and surgical procedures are successfully carried out at the unit for early diagnosis and treatment of women’s cancers.