Dermatology Clinic of Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital meets people who seek younger and unique appearance based on dermacosmetic procedures. Diagnostic and therapeutic services are available for all skin disorders at the Dermatology Clinic. Spectrum of healthcare services includes early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers and follow-ups and treatments of sexually transmitted diseases as well as diagnosis, treatment and, if required, surgical interventions of allergic eczemas. Dermacosmetic applications are successfully performed at the clinic, along with principal dermatological services.

Principal Modern Therapies Performed with High-Tech Devices at the Clinic;


Cosmetic Botox Applications:
A method used to alleviate wrinkles secondary to gestures, lift eyebrows and reduce facial sagging. This is a short-lasting and pain-free procedure. Botox is injected to subcutaneous layer of therapy site in small amounts with fine needles.

Botox for Hyperhydrosis:
Botox exerts anti-perspirant effects by paralyzing sympathetic nerves, which have a role in sweating, and thus, secretion of sweat from sweat glands is suppressed. Since botox application forms temporary block in nerve ends, the effect shows up within several days and lasts for 6 to 10 months.

Migraine Botox:
Botox is also used in treatment of migraine with a multi-disciplinary approach based on collaboration with Neurology Department. Botox leads to successful outcome in 70% and 80% of patients in treatment of chronic migraine. Treatment can be repeated at certain intervals depending on status of the patient.

Needle Shaping:
It is a revolutionary method in filling. It is a facial plasty procedure, which does not require surgical approach, a filling material or subcutaneous injection. Person can resume routine daily life immediately after the procedure, which is performed once a month or in two or three sessions. Effect of the procedure lasts for 2 to 3 years.

Stem Cell:
Recently, it is one of the most common and effective methods. Young cells deriving from stem cell therapy are re-injected to the skin. Therapy is repeated in 3 sessions at one month interval. Effects of this method last longer in comparison with other methods. 10-year rejuvenation can be achieved with stem cell therapy.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma):
PRP is usually administered to face and scalp in Dermatology. It is effective in skin rejuvenation and preventing hair loss. Therapy includes 3 sessions at 2- to 3-week intervals. Although positive effects are evident immediately after first application, permanent outcomes are obtained at the end of last session.

Spider Web Technique (Fine Thread Contour – FTC):
Recently, it is one of the most commonly preferred techniques. It is also known as fine thread contour method. It is used to treat sagging not only in face but also in arms, neck and abdomen. Fifteen percent recovery is recognized even at application day. Total effect is observed at the end of the 3-month therapy. Its effect lasts for 3 years.

Blue Pell TCA:
Blue Pell TCA is among specific procedures of the Dermatology Clinic in İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital. The procedure is to peel skin layer. Skin is prepared for peeling with 2-week medication therapy. Next, skin is peeled.

This procedure should be performed under supervision of doctor, and it lasts for 15 minutes. Therapy is performed in one or two session(s) depending on condition of the patient.

Apart from all these procedures, qualified physicians provide cosmetic counseling services, along with laser therapies and treatment of pigmentation disorders.

Anti-aging, a medical branch dealing with procedures to prevent aging, requires fulfilling all principles of preventive, conserving and regenerative medicine.

Anti-Aging Clinic of İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital serves you utilizing means of modern medicine to eliminate, treat and restore functional disorders, which develop in relation with aging.

Renewing the skin tissue and connective cells, balancing hormonal homeostasis in men and women with gender-oriented approach, making early diagnosis and taking measures against diseases, which develop as a result of aging, are main procedures carried out at Anti-Aging Clinic.

Anti-Aging programs are in fact medical treatment methods, which aim finding out and eliminating risk of diseases, which develop due to aging, and achieving a long and healthy life.