Check-up & Wellness Unit

General Health Screening, “Check-Up”

The term “check-up” refers a general medical examination, which aims diagnosing possible diagnoses
early, taking necessary measures and maintaining healthy status of the subject.

Early diagnosis is extremely important for some diseases, especially the cancer. The early diagnosis of
such diseases in a check-up increases the success rate of the treatments. Early detection and early
treatment not only increase the life comfort, but they also prolong the life span in all fields of the
medicine and in all diseases.

Physicians of Istanbul Cerrahi Health Group recommend the check-up once a year to detect the
diseases in the early stage and they help you to select the best one among the Check-up Programs.
Check-up Programs vary depending on the age, gender, genetic features, life style and health history
of the person.

  • Check-up Packages Available in Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital;
  • Check-up, Male <40 years
  • Check-up, Female <40 years
  • Check-up, Male >40 years
  • Check-up, Female >40 years
  • Diabetes Check-up Package
  • Executive Check-Up - Male
  • Executive Check-Up - Female
  • Gynecology Check-up Package (Menopause Package For Women Older Than 50)
  • Cardiology Check-up, Heart Age Above 40 years
  • Cardiology Check Up Package, Comprehensive
  • Cardiology Check Up Package, Basic
  • Mini Check-up Package
  • Mini Unisex Check-Up Package
  • Oncology Male Check-up Package
  • Oncology Female Check-up Package
  • VIP Check-Up