Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Department of Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital works round the clock on 365 days of the year.

Each patient presenting to emergency medicine department of our hospital is first transferred to a suitable care area; then, our physician in charge performs the preliminary emergency examination. After the life saving medical procedure is performed immediately, physician of the related branch is contacted and called to emergency room without wasting time. Therefore, emergency needs of each patient are met and examinations and treatments that can be planned afterwards are immediately started under supervision of the related branch physician.

Integration and close monitoring prevent medical errors and misunderstandings in emergency services. Our emergency medicine department founded with this awareness and acting sensitively for the personal needs of the patients works coordinately with all branches and standardizes care-follow-up processes in cooperation.

At our emergency medicine department rendering services by using medical devices, examination by physician is provided round the clock with all workups and radiologic studies. As operating theatre, intensive care unit, imaging and laboratory units are always ready and accessible, we can examine and treat all patients at our emergency medicine department.

Technical Equipment
Emergency imaging unit is located in emergency clinic to prevent loss of time regarding imaging studies. Intensive services provided for seriously ill patients are rendered in parallel at our intensive care unit with capacity of 6 beds in an integrated environment.

All tests are performed with certificated quality of e-lab laboratories. Emergency laboratory also renders integrated services with intensive care unit on the same floor.