Message of CEO

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital has been combining healthcare with affection based on the principle "Valuing Human Health" since 1998. Our aim is to maintain our pioneering position with the help of leader medical team, patient-oriented competent team, technological infrastructure, inspiring vision and personalized medical approach. We will closely monitor scientific studies and novelties to maintain quality of life.

We will continue meeting and getting beyond the needs and expectations of patients and families in all aspects of our work, investments and service approach as usual.

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital is not and will not be a healthcare facility to present when you are sick; it will be a life center, where you can visit in your daily routine and it is closely followed up based on good humored relations with the team in the light of holistic and preventive medicine.

Our targets are larger than ever and our enthusiasm is at full speed within the scope of our vision and mission…