Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources is characterized by a structure that develops and implements innovative and proactive HR processes in line with the strategic business objectives and the dynamics of the sector.

İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital has already adopted that the human factor and the value attached to the human are very important for the success. Our operations are focused on “Patient and Guest Satisfaction”, as we operate in the healthcare sector. Therefore, our principle is to set new standards in the sector based on the employment of persons, who had already taken necessary professional education, are well qualified, are oriented to the teamwork, have strong communication skills and have high potential of self-development.

Recruitment Procedure

İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital is aware that the performance and the competencies of the team are one of the important milestones on the path to the success and therefore, a careful and meticulous recruitment procedure is applied that prioritizes correct positions for correct candidates.

Considering our recruitment process, a preliminary selection is made over the review of the resumes and the candidates with pre-determined competencies are invited to a job interview. Human resources department and managers of relevant departments work in collaboration in order to select the best candidate with respect to relevant position, and the knowledge and the skills of the candidates are questioned using competency-based interview techniques. Interviews are supported with various measurement and evaluation tools, which are developed in accordance with the needs. When appropriate candidate is employed at pre-planned position, other candidates are informed by phone or electronic mail.

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Orientation Process

All persons recruited at İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital are first started on a general orientation program followed by a department-based orientation program. This program includes following components;

Human resources strategies and applications,

Company presentation, vision, strategy and objectives,

Function- and position-oriented details and information.

Performance and Competency Assessment

Performance Assessment System; the assessment is based on criteria that are set in line with the duty and the responsibilities of the employees at İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital. Our system is currently modified to “Target- and Competency-based” performance assessment process and it will continue with creating competency pools for all positions. Performance levels are determined semi-annually by comparing the targets that are actually reached.

Basic Competencies

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Potential of self-development
  • Guest (Patient) Satisfaction
  • Success-oriented Approach
  • Multidisciplinary Approach

Training and Development Planning Process

Continuous and efficient training programs aim self-development of employees by supporting professional profiles and self-improvement targets. Training activities start with a training plan made by Human Resources Department. Depending on the qualities of trainings, internal or external sources can be used. In the light of career improvement routes planned for employees, self-development plans are made and supported in order to make our employees ready for the future positions.

Career Planning and Succession

Career planning and succession studies are annually carried out at our hospital according to the results of the performance assessments. Promotion opportunities are available in line with the competencies required by the position, if a particular level is achieved in the assessments. Employees with high performance in the professional and personal behaviors are provided with career opportunities that match their competencies.

Rights Available

Our organization aims to perpetuate a fair and innovative process that rewards the high performance.

Our wage and professional rights policy is based on the duties and responsibilities, competencies, work experience and training of our employees.

Our patients are transferred to and from the hospital on routes determined for both sides of the Bosphorus. Moreover, catering services are rendered by our hospital.

Wage and professional rights policy of İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital is based on a competitive system that aims to increase the performance, motivation and commitment of employees parallel to the dynamics of the sector.