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General Surgery

İstanbul Cerrahi General Surgery Department works in cooperation with several disciplines in order to offer the best service to the patients and as the General Surgery field covers a wide range of areas. The Anesthesiology - Reanimation Department works to ensure that the patient is prepared for the surgical intervention before the operation, and recovers in the most stable way after the surgery. Additionally, the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Departments also start to work immediately to ensure that the patients return to their previous life as soon as possible.

Laparoscopic Surgery
Our doctors practice the Laparoscopic Surgery, which is known as "Bloodless Surgery" in gall bladder, appendicitis, inguinal hernia, gastrocoele surgeries as well as large intestine, suprarenal gland, liver and spleen surgeries that require advanced laparoscopic surgery techniques. Since there is no standard operative incision in Laparoscopic Surgery, the aesthetic result is perfect and the post-operative pain is minimal. The patients can be discharged within 1 day, and return to their normal lives within a week.

Endoscopy Unit
At our Endoscopy Unit, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) procedures as well as endoscopic interventions (dilatation in esophageal stricture, stent for cancers, attachment of feeding tubes, stopping of bleeding) are easily performed. Thanks to our special sterilization unit, the risk of contamination is eliminated in endoscopic practices and the endoscopy procedure is performed more safely.

Reflux Surgery Center
Reflux is a serious disease that may lead to permanent problems such as throat, nasal cavity, lung and even asthma; it affects nearly 40% of the population and is typically characterized by hard water in mouth and heartburn. Istanbul Surgical Hospital, Reflux Surgery Center is equipped with all technologies and methods for diagnosis and treatment of reflux. Esophagus duct cineradiography, pH meter, esophagus manometer and impedance measurements that are required for the diagnosis stage are easily performed here.

Endocrine Surgery Center
Breast diseases such as the breast cancer are increasing in our country as well as in the world. The Istanbul Surgical Hospital implements world class radiological, surgical diagnosis and treatment methods for benign breast diseases and cancer. The patients are assessed according to their age, genetic characteristics and other risks and taken to screening program. For smaller surgeries and better surgeries in breast cancer, sentinel lymph node and breast protective surgical operations are successfully performed.

Thyroid gland diseases are commonly seen in people in Turkey. The Istanbul Surgical Hospital offers all types of diagnosis and treatment methods for nodular thyroid diseases, functional diseases and thyroid cancers.

• Breast diseases and surgery
• Esophagus, stomach and intestinal surgery
• Large intestinal surgery
• Liver, pancreas, gall bladder and duct, endocrine glands surgery
• Surgical infections

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• Radiological examinations (x-ray, ultrasoundography, CT, MR, angiography, colongiography)
• Endoscopy (esophaguscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopic colongio-pancreatography)

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