Why Turkey?

Tourism has always been a strong suit of Turkey. Turkey is rich with world class hotels, luxurious residences and incomparable tourist attractions. In short, this country has everything in its arsenal to offer you a high quality and entertaining medical journey.

When it comes to quality, facts weight heavier than words. Turkey has the highest number of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited medical organizations compared to any other European destination. Turkish government is actively involved in promoting medical tourism. Istanbul hosts a great number of state of the art hospitals and other luxurious medical facilities. Turkish medical scene is now a global arena for the giants such as Harvard Medical, John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic.

The healthcare costs in industrialized countries have been on the rise for far too long. When compared to Europe and America, prices in Turkey are approximately 65% lower. In addition to high prices, availability became another problem in Europe and America. Since the number of medical facilities does not meet the demand at all, waiting lines grew out of control. Here in Turkey, waiting lines are almost nonexistent. You will get treated in no time.