Why Istanbul?

Istanbul hosts limitless options available for tourists. World renown 5 star hotels, hostels, historical attractions reflecting various ages, high quality restaurants and a vivid city welcome the newcomers. Istanbul has everything to create a extraordinary holiday experience. With its natural beauties, world renown historic heritage and modern cities, Turkey is one of the best option for the patients ready to go abroad for a treatment. The well recognized Turkish hospitality is present at every accommodation you visit. Health facilities, hospitals and luxurious hotels serve with the aim of helping patients recover with utmost comfort.

Our patients find the opportunity of being treated with state of the art medical devices which exceeds international standards. Istanbul Cerrahi’s experienced team of doctors are experts in their fields. You can enjoy the bustling city life and Turkey’s natural beauty while getting treated in Europe’s best hospitals, all due to the accommodation facilities close to the medical centers.

A worldwide study shows that Turkey holds the first place with the number of JCI accredited hospitals.

Turkey has important achievements in organ transplants, genetic testing, cardiology and dentistry. Turkish doctors are famous for their low complication rates. Istanbul has the world’s biggest ophthalmology clinic network. These qualities along with the deep experience in tourism bring Turkey to the forefront in health tourism.