Patient Rights

Rights of Patient and Relatives

Each individual who presented to our hospital for diagnosis and treatment may always claim his/her rights that are written and adopted by our staff. All patients and relatives who entered our hospital through any entrance are educated on “Rights and Responsibilities of Patients and Relatives”.

Access to Services

Each patient presenting to our hospital has the right to benefit from all our services, regardless of his/her thoughts and social characteristics.

The patients have the right to choose physician and/or healthcare facility and change them at any stage of the treatment. As long as our patients request in writing, all records can be transferred to any person or institution instructed by the patient.

Right to Be Respected

Our patients and relatives have the right to receive services in a respectful, kind, compassionate and good humored environment, where individual reputation is protected, at any time and in any case.

Right of Privacy

Our patients have the right to reject to speak or see any person who is not directly involved in the care or treatment of the patient, including visitors.

Our patients have the right to request privacy of their personal medical information, even after death. Such information is disclosed to the related authorities only if there is a written and clear approval of the patient or his/her heir, or a court order.

Right to Request Information

Our patients have the right to request accurate and complete information and to claim a copy of the documents related to the diagnosis, treatment, course of the treatment and to review thereof.

Right to Refuse the Planned Treatment

Our patients have the right to refuse the recommended treatment. Possible outcomes of the refusal are explained by the physician and the patient is asked to sign a document to declare that all explanations are clearly understood.

Right to Know Rules and Regulations

Patients have the right to be informed about rules and regulations of the hospital that apply to him/her. Our patients have the right to claim correction for incorrect condition and treatment on medical records and incorrect data on the invoice.

Obligation of Compensation

The patient will indemnify any damage or loss caused intentionally or by faulty use of a fixture or consumables of the hospital.